The Electromagnetics Department aims to develop and apply state-of-the art research in diverse fields of Electromagnetic Engineering. The work and expertise of our six divisions are committed to developing innovative solutions and, supporting the roadmap of the industrial sector in the UAE.

Signals, Electronics & Acoustics

Welcome to the Directed Energy Research Center's Department "Signals, Electronics & Acoustics" within TII.  

We work with high-power acoustics, embedded software development, electronics, and radio frequency research and engineering. Our division explores the intersection of these fields and conducts ground-breaking research to push the boundaries of what is possible. We are a team of highly skilled and passionate researchers who are committed to advancing these areas by finding new and innovative solutions to complex problems.

Whether you are a fellow researcher, a student, or simply someone interested in these fields, we invite you to learn more about us, our institute, and our work:

Waves and Machine Intelligence

The Waves and Machine Intelligence (WMI) Department research team specializes in Geophysics Data Imaging, Machine Learning Applications, Computational Sciences, and Complex Systems. The WMI team focuses on merging these different disciplines  to provide innovative and efficient solutions that produce and facilitate incremental research.

High Power Lasers

The High-Power Laser Department carries out applied research activities over an extended scope to answer the numerous technical challenges in delivering a high-power laser beam over long distances with a minimal loss of energy and quality through harsh environments. Countless applications are addressed in communication, industry, civil, defense and space sectors. Among these applications, one can cite: atmospheric remote sensing, lidar, laser-induced weather modification, lightning protection, waveguiding, power beaming, ground-to-space laser communication, humanitarian de-mining, laser countermeasure etc. 

The department hosts four divisions investigating the major domains from the source to the target:

Advanced Photonics Research

The Advanced Photonics Research Department conducts cutting-edge research at its state-of-the-art laboratory -  developing disruptive innovation based on Photonics technologies (over free-space, fiber-based, and down to the chip level integration). Motivated by the underlying challenges met by industries, our proposed innovations and new concepts are harnessing the benefits of linear and non-linear interaction of light with matter, to manipulate the photon properties, and maximize the performances of strategic building blocks. The defined Advanced Photonics Research roadmap focuses on six key areas: Light Communication, Light Computing, Light Sensing, Light in Space & Underwater, Light Powering, Light on Chip.

There are three activities currently ongoing, (i) Light Processing for microwave signal generation, (ii) Light Sensing for material detection based on Raman spectrometer, (iii) Light on Chip for integrated solution of microwave generation and dual comb sensing  — The ones reflected by the current Divisions of the department.