Advanced Photonics Research
LIGHT PROCESSING   Light Processing Division

Leveraging on the ability to direct energy over the rich degrees of freedom structuring the properties of light, we are accessing a wide bandwidth and capacity of multiplexing for encoding and processing of information in the optical domain.  The achieved tailoring of the Light structure allows additionally for enhancing efficiency of  the application of  Light in Communication,  Sensing, and Powering.

Our activities focus on fundamental of Photonics, with the target to identify and exploit physic phenomena for new concept enhancing performances of application. 


LIGHT SENSING_0   Light Sensing Division

By exploiting the ongoing changes over the properties of light (intensity, wavelength, phase, polarization, etc…) under the influence of the environment conditions,  we are sensing physical, chemical, geographical, and biological parameters. Our activities cover the R&D for innovative light sensing devices and systems, and the emerging applications of light sensing technology.   


LIGHT ON CHIP   Light on Chip Division

By integrating our Light Sensing, Light Communication, and Light Powering solutions down to the chip level, we are extending the use of Photonics for Smart Industries readiness, as well as for Space & Underwater applications, and opening the way for low SWAP solutions having the potential for mass production). 

Our activities include the research and development of new features pushing the boundary of the Light Processing achievable on the chip, for next generation of Photonic Chip.