Who We Are

The Propulsion and Space Research Center (PSRC) was established to contribute to National research and educational advancement in the area of Propulsion and Beyond Earth Exploration. PSRC will embrace advances in technology in an effort to enable aircrafts and spacecrafts to go faster and further than before, as well as improve their fuel efficiency and carbon emissions. This cutting-edge strategy aims to cement the Emirates' growing status as a leading player in the aerospace sector.

PSRC is taking an academic and discipline-based approach to the advancing the nations capabilities in the field. Developed in-house and in partnership with leading global institutions, our research focuses on aerodynamics, aircraft propulsion and turbomachinery, space exploration, with a transversal focus on artificial intelligence, disruptive propulsion designs and sustainability.

With sustainable transportation and space exploration becoming key national priorities for the UAE, the Propulsion and Space Research Center is engaged in technologies that enable aerial vehicles to improve performance while mitigating their environmental impact. At the same time, researching disruptive technologies including new propulsion architectures, hybrid/electric propulsion, novel computational methods, sustainable aviation fuels, to achieve future environmental targets.

What We Do

PSRC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a UAE-based research center that aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies.

We belong to the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.

Our Team
Dr. Ray O. Johnson
Dr. Ray O. Johnson Chief Executive Officer Technology Innovation Institute and ASPIRE
Dr. Gustavo Dos Santos Chief Researcher Propulsion and Space Research Center
Propulsion Team
Sayem Zafar
Dr. Sayem Zafar Lead Researcher, Propulsion and Space
Majed Alhammadi Associate Researcher
Nouf Almesafri
Nouf Almesafri Associate Researcher - Propulsion
Dr. Philippe Lott
Dr. Philippe Lott Lead Researcher, Turbo Machinery
Hadeel Alnahdi
Hadeel Alnahdi Senior Associate Researcher
Mohamed Kuleib
Mohamed Kuleib Senior Associate Researcher - Turbomachinery
Siarhei Kutsevol Senior Researcher - Turbomachinery
Natalia Ghisi
Natalia Ghisi Engineer - Turbomachinery
Control and Diagnostics Team
Dr Elias Tsoutsanis
Dr. Elias Tsoutsanis Executive Director, Computation Methods and Artificial Intelligence
Areti Malkogianni
Areti Malkogianni Lead Researcher - Engine Performance Digital Twins and AI
Zhaihui Cen
Dr. Zhaohui Cen Lead Researcher - Control and Diagnostics
Bushra Aldhanhani
Bushra Aldhanhani Associate Researcher
Jawaher Alhaj
Jawaher Alhaj Associate Researcher
Heba Youssef
Heba Youssef Associate Researcher - Control and Diagnostics
Aerodynamics Team
Henrique Argentieri
Henrique Argentieri Executive Director, Aerodynamics
Joao Martos
Dr. Joao Martos Lead Researcher - Aerodynamics
Dr Samir Sfarni
Dr. Samir Sfarni Lead Researcher Aerodynamics
Alessandro Marini
Alessandro Marini Senior Researcher, Aerodynamics
Amna Alhosani Senior Associate Researcher - Aerodynamics
Dr. Ozan Kara Senior Researcher
Alhanouf Eshtairy Associate Researcher
Space Team
Anton Ivanov
Dr. Anton Ivanov Executive Director of Space
Mariam Alhammadi
Mariam Alhammadi Senior Associate Researcher
Fatima Alnaqbi
Fatima Alnaqbi Senior Associate Researcher - Space
Alexey Simonov
Alexey Simonov Senior Researcher - Spacecraft AI
PMO Group
Newton Nakada Lead Project Manager
Mailyn Rodriguez Executive Assistant