Who We Are

Pushing technological boundaries in energy storage, analysis and solutions, the RSERC at TII offers unique opportunities for world-class research and scientific discovery. Fueled by a desire to create and innovate without boundaries, we collaborate across disciplines to generate real-world impact through both theoretical development and practical systems designed for tomorrow.

What We Do

At the RSERC, we are committed to using our highly innovative position in science to search for solutions that benefit society, in areas as diverse as hydrogen fuel cells and marine energy. Today, our work focuses on:

Our Team
Prof. Phil
Prof. Phil Hart Chief Researcher Renewable and Sustainable Energy Research Center
Dr. Narainsamy Dorasamy
Dr. Narainsamy Dorasamy Executive Director
Latifa Yousef
Dr. Latifa Yousef Senior Researcher
Dr. Lisandra Meneses
Dr. Lisandra Meneses Senior Researcher
Miji Joy
Miji Joy Senior Researcher