Signals, Electronics & Acoustics
ACOUSTICS SYSTEMS_0.png (2.19 KB)   Acoustic Systems Division  

In our acoustic systems division, we work on inaudible acoustic blocking of audible Sound Recordings like phones, tablets, and surveillance systems.

Furthermore, we provide air-coupled (ultra) sound transducer characterization, simulation and RX/TX frontend Development services.


SONAR SYSTEMS AND UNDERWATER COMMUNICATION_0.png (3.82 KB)   Sonar Systems & Underwater Communication Division  

As part of our work on beamforming passive & active sonar systems, we develop hydrophone-based sound localization systems.   

We apply our technology to high-bandwidth underwater communication systems that greatly benefit from the spatial diversity of our beamforming systems (MMIO).

Finally, we provide services around transducer testing, characterization, simulation and acoustic RX/TX front-end development for underwater systems.  


RADIO FREQUENCY ENGINEERING_0.png (1.64 KB)  Radio Frequency Engineering Division  

The key topics for our research in this division revolve around radio frequency signals' real-time localization. We apply our localization technology to the detection and localization of GPS Spoofers & Jammers. Furthermore, we develop the detection of anomalies in the RF spectrum using real-time software-defined radio (SDR) processing.

Our expertise extends to designing and integrating high-power RF transceivers with UAV Platforms. One of our specialties in particular is the co-design of UAV RF Frontends & custom Onboard-SDR frontend development for UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) with local compute and GPU acceleration.

We are happy to provide services around high-quality clock sources, RF Power Amplifier Design and Verification.