PULSED POWER_0.pn   Pulsed Power Division 

The Pulsed Power Division at DERC advances cutting-edge technologies in high current pulse generators, high voltage pulsed converters, and electromagnetic accelerators. One of our core priorities is the transfer of knowledge and locally developed solutions to UAE industries.


HIGH POWER LASER SOURCES_0.png (996 bytes)    High-Power Sources Division

The research and development activities at the High-Power Electromagnetic (HPEM) Division aims to advance the current practices and applications of electromagnetic radiating systems in the multi-megawatt range. This includes microwave systems, mesoband, and ultra-wideband radiators. The team proposes and explores novel scenarios and use cases for HPEM sources to boost the capabilities of local industries in multiple domains.


 SOLID STATE_0.png (2.41 KB   Solid-State Division

The Solid-State Division at DERC specializes in developing innovative, solid-state based high-power amplifier technologies in the continuous wave regime. The work includes advanced RF amplification topologies, power combining methods, and efficient cooling systems. The results of these efforts can be applied to power electromagnetics, Biomedicine, Telecommunications, among other fields.


SENSORS_0.png (1.66 KB)    RF Sensors Division

The Sensors team at DERC offers solutions to a broad range of industry problems using remote sensing and other sensors based on electromagnetic interaction. The team has developed and demonstrated portable Ground Penetrating Radar systems for humanitarian applications, compact Synthetic Aperture Radar systems for agriculture monitoring, and low-cost RF-based sensors for the pesticide detection.


 STEALTH PLATFORMS_0.png (1.57 KB)   Stealth/Radar Division

The Stealth and RCS Division develops and addresses advanced technology for radar cross-section (RCS) Analysis and Prediction for Stealth applications. Our efforts range from early-stage to application on using both theoretical and experimental tools.  Our activities include the development and characterization of Radar Absorbing Materials using a wide panel of technics to cover different types of material (hard, soft, powder, or liquid) in a broadband frequency range. We also implement electromagnetic modeling and simulation tools, as well as innovative approaches for RCS measurement. The aim is to produce high-performance solutions - addressing the needs of the next generation of airborne, land platforms/infrastructures and shipboards.


EMC ENGINEERING_0.png (2.4 KB)    EMC Engineering Division

The division applies its expertise and capabilities in Electromagnetic Compatibility Engineering to support the development of complex electronic systems by the local industries. The team develops and leverages sophisticated tools and world class technologies for modeling, measuring, and improving the resilience against Electromagnetic Interference at circuit, system, platform, and infrastructure level.

The know-how of the team is supported by a state-of-the-art facility, unique in the region, where a wide range of industrial EMC tests and custom-made interference tests and can be performed.