High Power Lasers


HIGH POWER LASER SOURCES_1.png (996 bytes)   High-Power Laser Source 

The High-Power Laser Source division conducts continuous further development of reliable low SWAP laser sources with precisely optimized properties for different fields of application in the atmosphere. The technologies investigated are continuous-wave and pulsed solid-state lasers in IR and mid-IR spectral regions.


LASER BEAM CONTROL_0.png (1.47 KB)  Laser Beam Control  

The Laser Beam Control division executes simulation and characterization of high-power beam through the atmosphere and develops appropriate technologies that mitigate undesired effects like atmospheric turbulences, thermal blooming, and scattering, specifically in the Gulf region.


LASER –MATTER INTERACTION_0.png (2.3 KB)  Laser Matter Interaction 

The Laser Matter Interaction division investigates the fundamental mechanisms induced in the interaction between high-power laser and matter, including the atmosphere and different materials of interest. The laser-induced effects studied are heating, melting, evaporation, gas ionization, filamentation, electromagnetic pulse generation…


LASER SYSTEM ENGINEERING_0.png (2.54 KB)  Laser System Engineering 

The Laser System Engineering division demonstrates the feasibility and the high industrial practicability of the system technologies arising from the further development of laser sources or beam control systems and the most recent findings of the laser-matter interaction processes. The core activity focuses on developing demonstrators (up to TRL 6 or 7) and conducting experimental tests indoors and outdoors.