Who We Are

The Artificial Intelligence and Digital Science Research Center (AIDRC) is pioneering global digital transformation, through fostering the adoption of safe, sustainable, and reliable intelligent autonomous and connected systems, applications, and services. Our globally renowned AI, cyber-security, and wireless telecommunication experts work closely with key international organizations, such as ITU and 3GPP, to bring to life practical solutions to key challenges and make a profound impact to society.

AIDRC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a global scientific research center attracting the world’s foremost scientists and researchers. TII leads worldwide advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography, and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies, and biotechnology fields.

TII belongs to the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees the technology research in the emirate.

What We Do

We conduct breakthrough scientific research, develop innovative technologies and solutions, and validate the viability of individual concepts through experiments and field trials to create novel approaches and effective methods to facilitate their industrialization and deployment at scale.

Our breakthrough solutions find application in many fields such as Transport, Security and Defense, Manufacturing 4.0, Sustainability, Environment and Energy, Food and Agriculture, Healthcare, and Aerospace.