Who We Are

The Directed Energy Research Center at the Technology Innovation Institute is an international center of excellence for research into advanced directed energy systems and technologies. Through ground-breaking advances, we are protecting the world around us in areas as diverse as medicine and infrastructure protection.

By leveraging the most powerful capabilities in the world in high-power electromagnetics, photonics and acoustics, we created an unique environment for world-class research and scientific discoveries.

With a community of award-winning and internationally recognised scientists and engineers working alongside partners globally, we have a significant impact in the field, through theoretical advancements and practical solutions designed for the real world.

DERC is part of the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a UAE-based research center that aims to lead global advances in artificial intelligence, autonomous robotics, quantum computing, cryptography and quantum communications, directed energy, secure communication, smart devices, advanced materials, and propulsion and space technologies.

Our research environment is enriched by the vibrant TII ecosystem, enabling a high degree of cross-functional collaboration.

We belong to the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate.

What We Do

At DERC, we conduct advanced research into the physics behind high-power and high-energy systems and their behaviour when interacting with different materials, systems, and environments.

Our team is empowered with access to the most advanced laboratories in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, including anechoic chambers, a pulsed power laboratory, an acoustic test chamber, and a laser evaluation environment.

We take an agile, contemporary, and results-focused approach to our research, unencumbered by legacy thinking or processes. Cultivating a culture of ‘makers,’ we deploy rapid prototyping in a spirit of continuous improvement.

Our Team
Dr. Ray O. Johnson
Dr. Ray O. Johnson Chief Executive Officer Technology Innovation Institute and ASPIRE
Dr. Chaouki Kasmi

Chief Researcher

Directed Energy Research Center
Dr Felix Vega
Dr. Felix Vega Senior Director Electromagnetic Radiators
Oliver Silva Lead RF Researcher
Dr Fernando Albarracin
Dr. Fernando Albarracin Lead RF & Electronics Researcher
Dr. Ernesto Neira Lead High Voltage Researcher
David Martinez
David Martinez Senior Pulsed Power Researcher
Mae Al Mansoori
Mae Al Mansoori Senior Mechanical Researcher
Gideon Appiah
Gideon Appiah Senior High Voltage Engineer
Mohammed AlKaabi
Mohammed AlKaabi Senior Electrical Engineer
Ali Al-Ali
Ali Al-Ali Senior Electric & Electronic Engineer
Hend AlKetbi
Hend AlKetbi Senior Electric Engineer
Shehab AlDahmani
Shehab AlDahmani Senior Chemical Engineer
Mariam Almenhali
Mariam AlMenhali Senior Electrical Engineer
Hasan AlHammadi
Hasan AlHammadi Senior Electric & Electronic Engineer
Hamad AlYahyaee
Hamad AlYahyaee Senior Electric & Electronic Engineer
Mohamed AlYousef
Mohamed AlYousef Senior Mechanical Designer
Yaser Alnuaimi
Yaser Alnuaimi Senior Electrical Engineer
Abdulla Al Ali
Abdulla Al Ali Senior Design Engineer
Ahmed AlEbri
Ahmed AlEbri Senior Mechanical Engineer
Aysha Al Neyadi
Aysha Al Neyadi Senior Associate Researcher
Shaikha Aldhaheri
Shaikha AlDhaheri Senior Associate Researcher
Moza Mohamed
Moza Mohamed Senior Associate Researcher
Nouf AlEissaee
Nouf AlEissaee Senior Associate Researcher
Aaesha AlAli
Aaesha AlAli Senior Associate Researcher
Asilah Almesmari Mechanical Engineer
Jarrah Al Hammadi
Jarrah Al Hammadi Senior Associate Researcher
Edrees AlMansoori
Edrees AlMansoori Senior Associate Researcher
Ali Yaqoob
Ali Yaqoob Senior Associate Researcher
Hamad Deiban
Hamad Deiban Senior Associate Researcher
Bharathidasan Sugumaran Senior High Power RF Engineer
Papua Leye
Dr. Papa Ousmane Leye Lead EMC Researcher
Dr. Islem
Dr. Islem Yahi Senior EMC Engineer
Oginne Lapuz
Oginne Rashid Lapuz Senior Electronic Engineer
Umar Hashmi
Umar Hashmi Pulsed Power Engineer
Alexis Gandon
Alexis Gandon Senior EMC Engineer
Signals Electronics and Acoustics
Milosch Meriac
Milosch Meriac Senior Director Signals & Electronics
Santiago Morales Senior Radio Frequency & Electronics Engineer
Venkata Veeramachaneni Acoustic Researcher
Adamo Banelli Senior Microwave Engineer
Dr. Luciano De Oliveira Senior Radar Researcher
Iman Prayudi
Iman Prayudi Electronics Engineer
Andri Hayone
Andri Haryono Senior Electronic Engineer
Jaeden Amero
Jaeden Nicholas Amero Principal Software Engineer
Waves & Machine Intelligence
Dr. Qingjie Yang Senior Wave Physics Researcher
Marcus Engsig
Marcus Engsig Associate Researcher
Sultan Abu Ghazal
Sultan Abu Ghazal Associate Researcher
Dr. Meixia
Dr. Meixia Geng Senior Researcher
Laser, Photonics and Optoelectronics
Dr Guillaume Matras
Dr. Guillaume Matras Senior Director Laser, Photonics, Optoelectronics
Dr Abdellatif Bouchalkha
Dr. Abdellatif Bouchalkha Lead Laser Researcher
Juan Coronel
Dr. Juan Coronel Lead Microwave Photonics Researcher
Dr. Antaryami Mohanta Lead Laser Researcher
Amit Dubey
Amit Kumar Lead High Power Engineer
Steevy Cordette
Dr. Steevy Cordette Lead Photonics Researcher
Nikita Kondratyev
Nikita Kondratyev Senior Researcher
Evgeny Lonshakov
Evgeny Lonshakov Senior Researcher
Dr. Ramzil
Ramzil Galiev Senior Researcher
Mariam Al Khateri Associate Researcher
Afra Almheiri
Afra Rashed Al Mheiri Associate Researcher
Maryam Alraeesi
Maryam Alraeesi Associate Researcher
Sarah Alhosani
Sarah Al Hosani
Associate Researcher
Athra Al Suwaidi Associate Researcher
Rashed Al Blooshi Associate Researcher
Mohamed AlKamali
Mohamed AlKamali Associate Researcher
Saif Almazrouie
Saif Almazrouei Associate Researcher
Juma Alrumeithi
Juma Alrumeithi Associate Researcher
Abdulla AlAmri
Abdulla Alamri Associate Researcher
Hamdan Alhashmi
Hamdan Alhashmi Associate Researcher
Eisa Al Neyadi
Eisa Al Neyadi Associate Researcher
Dr. Giuseppe Scurria Senior Laser Researcher
Shaikha AlMarzooqi Electrical Engineer
Abdalla Hableel Optical Engineer
Maryam AlQaydi Senior Associate Researcher
Ali Al Blooshi Mechanical Engineer
Safa Al Hosani Electronics Engineer
Reem Al Ameri
Reem Al Ameri Mechanical Engineer
Layla AlShehhi Software Engineer
Jawaher AlAmeri
Jawaher AlAmeri Senior Associate Researcher
Shamma AlMazrouei
Shamma AlMazrouei Senior Associate Researcher
Asma Al Ahmadi Electronics Engineer
Aaesha Alteneiji
Aaesha Alteneiji Laser Matter Interaction Engineer
Taif Alhmoudi Optics Laser Lab Engineer
Karim Elayoubi
Dr. Karim Elayoubi Senior Optics Researcher
Ravikiran Saripalli
Ravikiran Saripalli Senior Researcher
Denis Philippovskiy
Denis Philippovskiy Lead Researcher
Labs and Operations
Leslie Dias
Leslie Dias Lead Lab Operations Engineer
Abdul Baba
Abdul Baba Senior Lab Engineer
(Mechanical Engineering)
Pallavi Shirke Finance/Budget Coordinator
Umesh Panicker
Umesh Panicker Senior Manager L&D
Leonides Jr Rodriguez
Leonides Jr Rodriguez Warehouse Officer
Bader Al-Ali Senior Project Manager
Selogen Govender_DERC1
Selogen Govender HSE Specialist
Joey Trillo
Joey Trillo Mechanical Designer Associate
Yaser Aljaberi
Yaser Aljaberi Project Manager
Sundharamoorthy Venugopal
Sundharamoorthy Venugopal Lab Engineer
Recy Grace DeColongon
Recy Grace DeColongon Executive Assistant
Scientific Advisory Board

We have assembled a scientific board of world-renowned researchers specialising in DERC’s areas of expertise.

Prof. Vladimir Baryshevsky
Prof. Vladimir Baryshevsky
Dr Alexandra Gurinovich
Dr. Alexandra Gurinovich
Dr. Lars Ole Fichte
Dr Sébastien Lalléchère
Dr. Sébastien Lalléchère
Prof. Mustapha Jouaid
Prof. Agostino Monorchio