Milosch Meriac

Milosch Meriac

Senior Director Signals & Electronics

Milosch Meriac is responsible for the research and development of advanced capabilities in the domains of high-power acoustic technologies and sensing systems. From fundamental physics, electronics and theoretical problems to experimental physics, the research team he leads covers all aspects of high-power acoustics, electronic design, acoustic security applications, and novel sensing technologies.

Meriac is a well-known security researcher, particularly in radio frequency identification (designing RFID security/attack tools, reversing and breaking HID iClass), wireless sensor networks, and ultra-low power wireless sensors. He co-founded several high-impact open hardware/software projects, including SocioPatterns, OpenBeacon, and OpenPCD. He is a regular speaker and trainer at security conferences.

Before joining TII, Meriac led the Arm Research Security Group at Arm headquarters in Cambridge (UK), where he researched and developed advanced IoT security solutions that enabled the detection and remote recovery from attacks or malware infection of embedded devices.

While at Arm, he contributed to 55 filed patent families across a wide range of topics, including security, privacy, power-saving embedded architectures, biotech, body-coupled acoustic sensor applications, high-reliability systems, safety, cryptography, and IoT. In 2014, Meriac was named Arm ‘Inventor of the Year’.

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