QRC Seminar Series - Prof. Claudio Gatti

Nov 07, 2022
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Prof. Claudio Gatti

Prof. Claudio Gatti

Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN), Frascati (Rome)

7th November 2022 - 5pm - 6pm (GST)



Quantum sensing with superconducting circuits at LNF-INFN


The strong evidence that the matter in the Universe is mainly nonbaryonic dark matter, the accelerating expansion of the Universe suggesting the existence of dark energy and the lack of empirical evidence of quantum aspects of Gravity pose some of the unanswered questions of modern physics. Recent progresses in the ability to measure and manipulate, with superconducting circuits, individual quanta such as microwave-photons, phonons and magnons are opening up new ways of investigating these fields.

The seminar traces the activity carried out at the Cryogenic Laboratory for Detectors (COLD) of the INFN National Laboratory of Frascati. In particular, it will focus on the development of superconducting devices, such as amplifiers and quantum sensors, carried out in the context of Italian and European collaborations. Among these, the first results on the development of a microwave-photon counter based on a superconducting qubit array will be discussed.


Claudio Gatti graduated at Rome University “La Sapienza” and received his PhD at Pisa University. He is now research director at the Frascati National Laboratories of the Italian Institute of Nuclear Physics (INFN). He is carrying out research on light dark-matter and a related R&D activity on superconducting devices aiming at improving detectors sensitivity to faint electromagnetic signals. He’s leading the INFN project Qub-IT for quantum sensing with superconducting qubits.