Henrique Argentieri

Henrique Argentieri

Executive Director, Aerodynamics
Propulsion and Space Research Center


Henrique Argentieri is Executive Director of Aerodynamics at the Propulsion and Space Research Center at the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a cutting-edge UAE-based scientific research center. He is responsible for the research and development of Innovative Propulsion Systems and focuses on optimizing and shaping highly efficient solutions for vehicles like spacecraft, rockets, aircraft, satellites, and related devices and systems.

Henrique Argentieri brings to his role over 20 years of experience in aerodynamics and propulsion systems and has worked across countries on different airframers and research centers- with a scope ranging from conceptual design up to type certificate issuing in executive and commercial aircraft programs. He holds expertise in aerodynamics in propulsion systems development, laboratory-ground-flight testing, reporting, and in demonstrating compliance with requirements of airworthiness authorities like FAA, EASA, ANAC, and JCAB. 

Among his core research interests are developments in aerodynamics and propulsion systems, such as mathematical modelling and numerical simulation of space propulsion and beyond-earth exploration. 

Henrique Argentieri holds an MSc degree in Thermal and Fluids from the University of Sao Paulo State (UNESP) in Brazil, as well as a professional MSc in Aeronautics from the Technology Institute of Aeronautics in Brazil. He earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from UNESP and graduated with honors. In addition, he also completed certificate programs in Architecture and Systems Engineering: Models and Methods to Manage Complex Systems from MIT xPRO and Applied Data Science from the University of Michigan in the US.