TII Speakers to Participate in 9th Ansys User Codes Conference

Nov 01, 2022


Two of our amazing researchers will share their insights at the latest Fluid Codes event - the 9th Ansys User Codes Conference that runs on November 9 at the Meydan Hotel in Dubai.

Dr. Chaouki Kasmi, Chief Researcher, Directed Energy Research Center (DERC) and Dr. Nesma Aboulkhair, Additive Manufacturing Lead at the Advanced Materials Research Center (AMRC), will join eminent scientists and engineers from visionary companies across the Middle East in sharing strategies to address critical engineering challenges using Ansys solutions.

Dr. Kasmi will headline a presentation on Ansys Multiphysics Simulation in Pulsed Power Applications in the first half of the conference, while Dr. Aboulkhair joins a panel discussion in the second half, titled ‘Challenges in Adopting Engineering Simulation and the need for Pervasive Simulation Solutions’.

Users of the Ansys solutions keen to eliminate silo enterprise thinking and share simulation experiences, best practices, tips, and tricks are set to attend the day-long event, that will highlight core challenges and include live demonstrations of the solutions. Industry speakers will present their experiences of using the Ansys coding solutions in different sectors. Participants will also receive updates on the latest product release and Ansys acquisitions.

Speaking about the significance of participating in the industry event, Dr. Chaouki Kasmi said: “Accurate Commercial and home-made simulation tools are key enablers for fast innovation. At DERC, we have adopted an agile approach combining simulation tools and fast prototyping to deliver key technologies to our customers in record time.”

Good luck to our researchers!

For more information on the event or to learn more on individual sessions, visit 9th Fluid Codes - Ansys User Conference - Fluid Codes - Ansys Engineering Simulation

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