Technology Innovation Institute’s Dr. Steevy Cordette Appointed to LCA Board of Directors

Feb 12, 2024
Technology Innovation Institute’s Dr. Steevy Cordette Appointed to LCA Board of Di-rectors


We are thrilled to announce that Dr. Steevy Cordette, Director of the Photonics Group at the Technology Innovation Institute’s (TII) Directed Energy Research Center (DERC), has been elected to the Board of Directors of the prestigious Light Communication Alliance (LCA). This marks a critical step in making TII an integral part of an international consortium of key players involved in the advancement of Light Communications technology.

LCA is an open, non-profit member association that aims to promote Light Communications technology with a consistent, focused, and concise approach. Well-aligned with innovative leaders across the light and communications industry, the organization helps define standards for education, communication, and interoperability, and shares concrete industry approaches that address specific needs.

Dr. Cordette’s appointment opens possibilities for TII to engage with other LCA members in crafting a compelling vision and messaging strategy for Light Communication on a global scale – helping us strengthen worldwide partnerships, contribute to market standardization and certification, and stay at the forefront of these technologies. As a Board Member, Dr. Cordette will champion the integration of light and emerging optic communication technologies, focusing particularly on Lifi, Optical Camera Communication, and Free Space Optics Communication technologies.

The development enhances the global visibility of the technology developed at TII/DERC for Light Communication and serves as a pivotal roadmap aligned with the global industry, including ongoing projects such as the Free Space Optical project for 6G communication and Ground-to-Satellite Optical Communication. As part of these endeavors, TII/DERC is developing atmospheric immune propagation solutions, optical transceiver payloads compatible with CubeSats, and new capabilities for mobile optical ground stations.

Such advancements are certainly momentous for the country's tech sector, positioning the UAE as a frontrunner in innovative telecommunications solutions and paving the way for future developments in defining global telecommunications standards.

Congratulations to Dr. Cordette on this amazing accomplishment!

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