Technology Innovation Institute to Host 48th Meeting of Wireless World Research Forum

Nov 04, 2022
Definitive Forum for Telecoms Industry to Convene Global Experts to Highlight Latest Trends, Examine Emerging Challenges


Definitive Forum for Telecoms Industry to Convene Global Experts to Highlight Latest Trends, Examine Emerging Challenges

Abu Dhabi-UAE: 04 November, 2022 – Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a leading global scientific research center and the applied research pillar of Abu Dhabi’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), today announced that it will host the 48th meeting of the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF 48) in the UAE’s capital. The event will run from November 7 to 9 in Abu Dhabi, marking TII’s first participation as host of the prestigious Forum since becoming a Board member last year.

This year’s WWRF 48 brings together experts from the global wireless research community to explore the challenges and opportunities that confront the industry, as well as examine emerging trends with 5G deployment and beyond. In addition, it will present an outlook on the future of AI, specifically with regard to wireless and telecommunications innovations for a better world.

Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Chief Researcher, AI and Digital Science Research Center at TII, and General Chair of the WWRF Steering Board, said: “In accordance with TII’s commitment to advancing the wireless communications sector, hosting this year’s event, themed ‘Wireless Innovation for a Better World’, will further cement our standing in the telecoms research community. We look forward to meeting WWRF peers for detailed exchanges to understand the evolving focus areas in this high-demand domain.”

WWRF is currently engaged in the ongoing effort to roll out 5G technologies, and its members keenly follow and influence the debate on how to meet the requirements of the various vertical industries that will leverage 5G. The wider mission of WWRF is to look beyond current technology and businesses to identify the key research trends that will impact the world in the next 5-10 years.

Dr. Nigel Jefferies, Chairman, WWRF, said: “The last couple of years have signaled a period of rapid developments in telecoms and this momentum looks set to continue. Given the ongoing challenges and opportunities 5G rollout presents, and the exciting emerging technologies that are set to define networks beyond 5G, we can be sure the discussions at the 48th meeting will be most enriching. Congratulations to TII and Abu Dhabi for hosting this timely meeting.”

Offering members a chance to brainstorm, participate in discussions and engage in expert-level networking, WWRF runs two meetings a year, hosted by a member organization to a dedicated theme. Speakers are invited to headline working group sessions and attend workshops and conferences. Furthermore, members can benefit from thought-leadership opportunities and contribute to the white papers published to coincide with the event in their areas of expertise.

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