DERC Joins Forces with University of Pisa on Revolutionary Electronically controlled Surfaces for Dynamic Broadband Radio-absorption

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Our Directed Energy Research Center (DERC) has established a unique partnership with the University of Pisa, Italy to develop a revolutionary high-performance radio-absorbing surface that can be easily integrated into a variety of industrial applications and used in demanding environmental conditions such as the high temperature and humidity conditions in the UAE.

The collaboration with the University is set to further the testing and eventually fast-track the transition of the innovation from lab to market. As a first for the region, the partnership will facilitate world-class research that includes the testing of new materials and manufacturing processes to advance our understanding of broadband, flexible radio-absorbing surfaces, and lead to high-value innovative products. In doing so, DERC is set to contribute to new knowledge in the field of applied electromagnetics that offers practical applications in shielding and electromagnetic protection.

The results of this project, considered a game-changer in the industry, will lead to cutting-edge products such as smart-shields, active electromagnetic frequency selective surfaces, and electromagnetic energy harvesting surfaces, fields with far-reaching implications for the energy and telecommunication sectors. The project also opens new research opportunities around active absorbing flexible surfaces such as telecommunications and energy harvesting fields.

DERC and University of Pisa have already demonstrated this technology in their respective laboratories, and they have also tested some of these in the field. There unique partnership will allow both organizations to leapfrog the limitations of traditional radio-absorbing materials and bring them to market faster.