Jukka Pekola

Prof. Jukka Pekola

Director - Centre of Excellence in Quantum Technology, Aalto.

Jukka Pekola (1958) is a Full Professor of quantum nanophysics at Aalto University (Finland). He and his group study mesoscopic physics and quantum devices. His work on the heat transport of nanostructures has set new standards in this field and his experimental studies in the middle ground between classical and quantum physics are unique on a world scale. The micro and nano-scale thermometers and refrigerators he has developed are cutting-edge achievements in nanophysics. 

Prof. Pekola is the Director of the national centre of excellence in research, Quantum Technology Finland (QTF), Acting Director of the Finnish quantum institute, InstituteQ, and the Scientific Director of the national research infrastructure for micro, nano and quantum technologies, OtaNano. He is a recipient of a distinguished ERC Advanced Grant, two-time Academy Professor and recipient of the Simon Memorial Prize 2020.