Dr. Vigneashwara Pandiyan

Senior Researcher Additive Manufacturing – Digital Manufacturing
Advanced Materials Research Center

Vigneashwara Pandiyan holds the position of Senior Researcher in Additive Manufacturing - Digital Manufacturing at the Advanced Materials Research Centre, Technology Innovation Institute (TII), Abu Dhabi. He earned his Ph.D. from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore, with affiliations to the Rolls-Royce corporate lab @ NTU during his doctoral studies. Before joining TII, Vigneashwara was a scientist at the Laboratory for Advanced Materials Processing (LAMP), Empa ETH- Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology focusing on understanding intricacies of laser material interaction, particularly in powder bed fusion, laser welding, and directed energy deposition processes. His professional journey also includes a role as a research scientist at A*Star - Agency for Science, Technology and Research (Advanced Remanufacturing and Technology Centre – ARTC), Singapore, where he focused on online streaming analytical pipelines for the Model Factory projects. Pandiyan's research pursuits delve into a multifaceted exploration of the intricate physics underlying acoustic and optic emission spectra throughout material processing and transformation. His focus extends to the realm of smart manufacturing, where he actively implements machine learning-based monitoring and control strategies for anomaly detection. He is dedicated to developing explainable and physics-informed Artificial Intelligence (AI) tailored specifically for manufacturing processes. He envisions contributing to Industry 4.0 objectives by creating intelligent decision-making demonstrators, establishing reliable databases, and streaming environments for processes to foster a data-driven manufacturing ecosystem.

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