Latifa Yousef

Dr. Latifa Yousef

Senior Researcher

Dr. Latifa Yousef is a Senior Researcher at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Research Center (RSERC) at the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a cutting-edge UAE-based scientific research center. She works on research projects in the domain of energy analysis and optimized systems design and modeling.

Dr. Yousef brings to her role more than 10 years of experience as a researcher in atmospheric science, meteorology and environmental engineering, as well as in managing international research project resources and organizing scientific events. Her interests include improving energy forecasts using data analytics and artificial intelligence tools, and the role of meteorological conditions in mapping and forecasting variable renewable energy (VRE) resources. She is well-published in the field of meteorology. She has also reviewed articles submitted to prestigious international journals including Nature Scientific Reports, Journal of Climate, Atmospheric Research, Hydrological Processes and Environmental Research Letters.

Prior to joining RSERC, Dr. Yousef worked for the UAE Research Program for Rain Enhancement Science, an international research initiative managed by the National Center of Meteorology in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

Earlier, Dr. Yousef worked as a researcher in the iWater Center at Masdar Institute, prior to its merger with Khalifa University. In this role, she developed models for better prediction of extreme rainfall events in arid regions.

Dr. Latifa Yousef obtained her PhD from Khalifa University, with a dissertation focused on the study of clouds over the Arabian Peninsula region. She also holds a Master of Science in Water and Environmental Engineering from Masdar Institute, and a Bachelor of Science (Honors) degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering from the University of Sharjah in the UAE.