Dr. Kapil Krishnan


Dr. Kapil Krishnan earned his PhD degree in Mechanical Engineering from Arizona State University in 2013.He has worked as a postdoc at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (Topic: Study of super alloys), University of California, San Francisco (Topic: Cardiac biomechanics), Arizona State University (Topic: Shock and impact analysis) and University of Alabama, Birmingham (Topic: Ocular biomechanics). He has expertise on structural mechanics simulations for a wide range of applications such automotive, aerospace, body and vehicle armor, and biomechanics.His strengths include development of constitutive models for FE software such as ABAQUS/LS-DYNA, 3D reconstruction of solid structures from CT scans and other imaging techniques and customization of analysis and visualization processes in ABAQUS.He is currently working as Research (modelling and Simulation Team) providing computational support and training to other teams at AMRC.