Dr Gianluigi Catelani

Dr. Gianluigi Catelani

Lead Researcher

Dr. Catelani received his PhD in Physics from Columbia University in the US in 2005. His background is in theoretical mesoscopic physics and low-temperature superconductivity. In 2009, while at Yale University in the US, he started working on modelling the physics of superconducting devices, qubits in particular. He has continued this line of research in close collaboration with experimental groups since moving to Germany in 2012. While there, Dr. Catelani received a Marie Curie Career Integration grant from the EU in 2013 and a Feodor Lynen Research Fellowship from the Alexander von Humboldt foundation in 2017. At present, he is Research Scientist at the Jülich Research Center in Germany (on leave) and Lead Researcher in the Quantum Physics group at QRC.

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