Emanuele Bellini

Dr. Emanuele Bellini

Senior Director

He has a strong background and extensive experience in symmetric cryptography, elliptic curve cryptography, Boolean functions, and coding theory. He currently oversees diverse projects in theoretical cryptanalysis. Specifically, he is the initiator and current manager of CLAASP, a pioneering fully automated symmetric cryptanalysis library, and of the CryptographicEstimators project, which aggregate security estimations for foundational mathematical problems in secure post-quantum cryptosystems. He is also driving the development of UAE sovereign cryptographic libraries, from design to implementation, testing, and validation.

Before joining TII, Dr. Bellini worked as lead cryptographer at DarkMatter. In this innovative UAE cybersecurity company, his work primarily focused on cryptographic library development and post-quantum schemes design and implementation. He became a FIPS 140-2 CVP Certified Tester during this period.

Dr. Bellini also served as a cryptographer at TIM Group Telsy S.p.A., a renowned Italian cybersecurity company with a strong emphasis on cryptography. During his tenure, he participated in various projects encompassing developing and customizing elliptic curve cryptography, attribute-based and searchable encryption schemes, symmetric cryptography design, quantum random number generators, and statistical tests.

Dr. Bellini earned a Ph.D. in Coding Theory and Cryptography from the Department of Mathematics of the University of Trento (Italy) and a bachelor's and master's in mathematics from the Università degli Studi di Torino (Italy).

Dr. Bellini has 30+ publications, including contributions to respected international journals and conferences in cryptography, mathematics, and computer science. He has also served as a reviewer for several journals and actively participated in various conference Program Committees. In 2022, he was the General Chair of CANS 2022, the 21st International Conference on Cryptology and Network Security held in Abu Dhabi, UAE.