QRC Seminar Series: Prof. Enrique Solano

Mar 25, 2024
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Prof. Enrique Solano

Prof. Enrique Solano

Kipu Quantum, Berlin, Germany

Auditorium 1

Title:Quantum Computing for Industry Applications
Abstract:I will describe digital, analog, and digital-analog quantum computing paradigms. Furthermore, I will discuss the possibility of reaching quantum advantage for industry use cases with current quantum computers in trapped ions, superconducting circuits, neutral atoms, and photonic systems.
Bio:Enrique Solano lives in Berlin, Germany, where he develops entrepreneurial activities as Chief Visionary Officer at Kipu Quantum, a startup designing quantum computing solutions to bring quantum advantage to the present for industry use cases. As a physicist, he has worked in Peru, France, Brazil, Germany, China, and Spain, occupying leading positions in academic institutions. He constantly explores interdisciplinary ideas and initiatives merging arts, science, technology, and entrepreneurship. Apart from his pioneering works in quantum computing and quantum technologies, he develops novel interdisciplinary fields like quantum arts, neuromorphic quantum computing, quantum brain networks, and the quantum metaverse.