CRC Seminar Series: Bo-Yin Yang

Mar 08, 2024
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Bo-Yin Yang

Academia Sinica (of Taiwan)

8th March 2024, 4:00pm - 5:00pm (GST)


Title:A Bag of Tricks --- Implementing NTRU Prime
Abstract:NTRU Prime is a NIST third-round candidate Key Establishment Method (KEM) which is currently being deployed in OpenSSH 9 all around the world. We give a general introduction to computer polynomial arithmetic modulo a small prime, then discuss the various tricks and their pitfalls in applying them to implement NTRU Prime for various parameters
Bio:Born February 14, 1969 in Princeton, New Jersey, B.-Y. Yang was mostly educated in Taiwan, graduating from National Taiwan University with a BS in Physics in 1987. Later he finished graduate work at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology with a PhD in mathematics in 1991. He then returned to Taiwan and taught at Tamkang University. In 2002, he started working in cryptography and in 2006 moved to the Academia Sinica. His specialties are cryptographic implementations, algebraic cryptanalysis and multivariate public-key cryptography, a kind of post-quantum cryptosystem (a cryptosystem that will not be much affected by the existence of large-scale quantum computers). He is married and enjoys board games, swimming and reading in his spare time.