ARRC Seminar Series - João Alves

Oct 13, 2021
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João Alves

NATO STO Center for Maritime Research and Experimentation (CMRE)


13th October 2021 - 4:00pm - 5:00pm (GST)



When bits get wet: Real world challenges and practical considerations in Underwater Communications.


Underwater communications is a difficult-enough subject to tackle at the theoretical level. Things then get extra challenging when the real world gets in the way. In this talk we will discuss some of the issues one may face when dealing with “real” underwater communications. We will use anecdotal evidence to better illustrate some of such issues and motivate the audience to the fact that there often is a degree of self-inflicted pain when we go at sea and try out our latest underwater communications development.

Since interoperability is without a doubt a real-world problem, we will also discuss JANUS, the value it brings to the community, it’s path into operational use, common misconceptions and possible way ahead.