ARRC Seminar Series - Dr. Boris Galkin

Feb 21, 2023
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Boris Galkin

Dr. Boris Galkin

Research Fellow at CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin, Ireland


21st February 2023 - 11:00am - 12:30pm (GST)


Title:AI-Driven Optimisation of UAV Wireless Connectivity For Long-Range Communications
Abstract:UAVs are gaining popularity as devices which can facilitate wireless communication across long distances, in the absence of available ground infrastructure. This makes them an attractive choice for organisations that operate in remote or disaster-stricken environments, such as military organisations and emergency services. UAVs represent a paradigm shift for these organisations, as they greatly increase the effectiveness and safety of missions carried out in affected environments. To truly unlock the potential of UAV communication networks, AI algorithms are required which will automatically optimise the behaviour of UAVs in the sky, for a given environment and mission requirements. In this talk, Dr. Boris will discuss the GUARD and MISTRAL projects in Tyndall National Institute, which are developing these intelligent UAV systems for the Irish defence forces and emergency services.
Bio:Dr. Boris Galkin (Member, IEEE) received the Ph.D. degree from the Trinity College Dublin, Ireland, in 2019. He is currently a Research Fellow at CONNECT, Trinity College Dublin. His research interests include unmanned aerial vehicles, heterogeneous networks, and the application of AI and machine learning to 5G and beyond networks. He was awarded a BAI and MAI in computer and electronic engineering, in 2014.