AIDRC Seminar Series - Prof. John M. Cioffi

Nov 22, 2022
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John M. Cioffi

Prof. John M. Cioffi

Stanford University, USA


22nd November 2022, 9:00am - 10:00am (GST)



Artificially Intelligent Regulation (AIR) of Spectra and Space


Spectrum regulation challenges grow for both unlicensed (e.g., Wi-Fi) and licensed (e.g., cellular) opportunities, particularly those created by 10's to 100's of billions of connected, communicating devices. Dynamic, cognitive solutions just begin to find field use and initiate the inevitable march towards increasingly artificially intelligent allocation of spectra and space. This talk reviews some multiuser fundamentals, their complexity of solution, and how they may find future application to magnify spectral efficiency by orders of magnitude.


John M. Cioffi – Illinois-BSEE: 1978, Stanford-PhDEE: 1984; Prof. EE, Stanford, 1986-present, now recalled emeritus. Founder Amati 1991 (1997 purchased by TI); Chairman and CEO ASSIA Inc. Cioffi's specific interests are in the area of high-performance digital transmission. Awards include IEEE AG Bell (2010), Kirchmayer (2014) and Millennium Medals; Member Internet (2014) and Consumer-Electronics (2018) Halls of Fame; Marconi Fellow (2006); Member, US National (2001) and UK Royal (2009) Engineering Academies. Has served over a dozen boards of director PhyTunes (Chairman), Marconi Society (Vice-Chairman), Tinoq, and AltoBeam. 800+ papers and 150+ heavily licensed patents.