Quantum Middleware

Quantum computers are powerful devices designed to execute complex operations through algorithms. From a practical point of view, users of quantum devices need software tools in order to programme, execute and retrieve results from the quantum hardware. This set of software tools is called full stack and includes a range of components, from management of the quantum chip to the high-level programming interface for the implementation of custom codes and procedures.

Quantum middleware

The Quantum Middleware team investigates and develops the full-stack software required to interact with quantum systems and simulators. This includes the implementation of a large codebase of quantum algorithms, classical simulation of quantum computation, and the control and reconstruction algorithms of quantum devices measurements.

Our main research activity focuses on the development of Qibo – an open-source software for quantum computing, with hardware acceleration support – that is being designed to prepare, schedule and execute quantum algorithms using classical simulation and quantum devices.

Open PhD and postdoctoral positions

We are currently looking for creative and motivated researchers to join our team in Abu Dhabi. Both PhD and Postdoc positions are available. If you feel your background and experience overlaps with our research areas, please reach out to careers@tii.ae to learn more.