QRC Researcher’s Scientific Paper Features in High-Impact Journal “Nature Communications”

Feb 13, 2023
Abdulla AlHajri - banner


We are pleased to share that Dr. Abdulla AlHajri, Senior Researcher at our Quantum Research Center (QRC), recently had his scientific research paper titled “Quantum Physics in Connected Worlds” published in “Nature Communications” – an acclaimed peer-reviewed scientific journal covering physics, chemistry, earth sciences, medicine, and biology.

Dr. AlHajri co-authored the paper with Joseph Tindall, Amy Searle, and Dieter Jaksch, scientists from Clarendon Laboratory, University of Oxford. Together, the researchers investigated the impact of geometry and structure on the properties of systems at a more fundamental level. A key finding was the presence of a class of structures with an unusual geometry that produced a particular material capable of changing its magnetic properties in a way unlike anything found in nature.

Congratulations to Dr. AlHajri and his brilliant team on this achievement! Here’s to many more industry accolades and recognitions in the future!

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