PSRC Welcomes Three New Advisors and Boosts Expertise

Sep 28, 2023
PSRC Welcomes Three New Advisors and Boosts Expertise - banner


The Propulsion and Space Research Center (PSRC) was established to empower global research and knowledge to boost Propulsion and Beyond Earth Exploration. To strengthen its core team, PSRC has recently appointed three esteemed experts in the field as advisors. PSRC works with some of the world’s foremost scientists to contribute to driving the UAE’s space exploration goals.

Prof. Dr. Roberto Sabatini is a renowned Professor of Aeronautics and Astronautics and brings with him three decades of vast experience in aerospace and defense systems research and education, having served in various industry, government, and academic organizations across Europe, North America, Australia, and the Middle East. With a track record of groundbreaking research in aerospace technologies, Dr. Sabatini's contributions are set to elevate PSRC’s projects to new heights.

Dr. Mohamed Al Ahbabi is an accomplished Senior Strategic Advisor in Space, Defense, and ICT and boasts a distinguished career spanning defense, telecommunications, space, and academia in the UAE. He played a pivotal role in facilitating the Emirates Mars Mission and establishing key space-centered entities in the country, including the National Space Science and Technology Center (NSSTC) at UAE University, the Space Technology & Innovation Center at Khalifa University, and the Space Science Center at NYU Abu Dhabi. His profound insights in space exploration and celestial phenomena will help us broaden our understanding of the cosmos.

Prof. Dr. Pericles Pilidis is a distinguished academic with a strong background in the field of Gas Turbine Performance. With an illustrious career spanning nearly four decades at Cranfield University, Prof. Pilidis continues to shape the future of aviation, energy, and marine matters as the Director of Skepseis, a global consulting firm. His proficiency in aerospace engineering and energy systems will be invaluable as we work to find innovative solutions for the future.

Congratulations and a warm welcome to Dr. Sabatini, Dr. Al Ahbabi, and Prof. Pilidis as they assume their new roles! We look forward to innovative discoveries in propulsion and space tech from PSRC with your guidance.

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