Mohamed bin Zayed establishes ATRC’s board

advanced materials research

The Technology Innovation Institute (TII) aims to become a leading global research center dedicated to pushing the frontiers of knowledge. Our teams of scientists, researchers and engineers work in an open, flexible, agile environment to deliver discovery science and transformative technologies that will not just prepare us for the future, but create it.

Inspiring innovation

Bringing together exceptional people, ideas and resources from around the world to push the boundaries of exploration, we research disruptive technological innovations for the benefit of science, society, the economy and the environment - inspiring innovation for a better tomorrow.

Today, we collaborate across multiple disciplines spanning fundamental and applied research. Our teams are working towards technological breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, autonomous capabilities, quantum computing, communications and sensing, cryptography, directed energy, secure systems, machine learning-powered cyber security frameworks, advanced materials, and propulsion systems.

Research center of excellence

Over the past five years, national priorities in the UAE have been transformed to focus on technology and innovation, with billions of dollars of investment in state-of-the-art research capabilities, deep science and inspirational innovations.

At TII, we are committed to creating a research center of excellence for the Middle East region and beyond, collaborating with the best academic, scientific partners by offering access to knowledge and research collected from a diverse, distinguished talent base from across multiple research disciplines; tailored partnerships that fit mutual priorities; secure information exchange; and a shared commitment to quality, rigour and ethics.

Limitless possibility

As part of the Abu Dhabi Government’s Advanced Technology Research Council (ATRC), which oversees technology research in the emirate, TII’s possibilities are not bound by limits. Backed by strategically funded investments, we encourage and value a culture of experimentation, propelling the UAE to become an R&D hub – and one of the next global leaders in breakthrough technologies.

 As we embark on a journey to change the future through greater agility, adaptability and speed in an era of ever-evolving technology, we are committed to attracting and stimulating extraordinary expertise and exceptional talent. We offer world class facilities and resources with access to the most advanced technologies, accessible funding, light touch management and regulation, and the opportunity to work alongside the finest minds in their fields.