DERC’s Mae AlMansoori Achieves Top Marks For PhD Thesis Report and Presentation

Feb 12, 2024
DERC’s Mae AlMansoori Achieves Top Marks For PhD Thesis Report and Presentation


The Directed Energy Research Center (DERC) is incredibly proud of Mae AlMansoori, Principal Researcher, for her recent accomplishment of securing the highest marks and an “Excellent” commendation for her PhD thesis and presentation.

Following her graduation from Helmut Schmidt University - University of the German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg, AlMansoori will receive the title of “Dr. Ing” in recognition of her advanced study and research in engineering and applied sciences. Holding an MSc in mechanical engineering from Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi, AlMansoori embraced the challenge of applying her experience and skills to successfully complete a PhD in Electrical Engineering. This achievement makes her the first Emirati to contribute significantly to the domains of Directed Energy Systems, as well as Detection and Protection Technologies.

AlMansoori completed her thesis on the topic “Advances in High-Power Electromagnetics: A Mechanical Perspective on Sources, Systems, Detection and Protection Techniques”, applying modern engineering and manufacturing processes to optimize systems and sub-systems of directed energy technologies.

During her PhD, AlMansoori has authored more than 25 journal and conference papers. Her innovative work on RF jammer localization has also been filed as a patent. She has also received a Young Scientist Award at the German URSI Conference for her contributions to the statistical analysis of High-Power Microwave sources.

AlMansoori also serves as a member of the Abu Dhabi Youth Council, a national initiative launched by the UAE government in 2017. The council provides young people with a strategic platform to articulate their perceptions and challenges at all stages of policy development, allowing young leaders to participate in critical decision- making and nation-building efforts.

Congratulations to AlMansoori on this creditable achievement!

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