DERC’s Dr. Meixia Geng and Dr. Felix Vega to Present Research Papers at ILP 2023

Dec 05, 2023


DERC’s Dr. Meixia Geng and Dr. Felix Vega to Present Research Papers at ILP 2023 2


We are pleased to announce that Dr. Meixia Geng, Senior Researcher, WMI, and Dr. Felix Vega, Senior Director, Department of Electromagnetics, both from the Directed Energy Research Center (DERC) will present research papers at the 17th Workshop of the International Lithosphere Program Task Force on Sedimentary Basins. The event is co-organized by Khalifa University, the UAE’s Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and the International Lithosphere Program (ILP), and runs from December 5-6, 2023 in Abu Dhabi.

Dr. Geng will share the outcome of her study, titled “Determining the Curie Depths in the United Arab Emirates: Insights into Regional Thermal Structures and Tectonic Terranes”. She will highlight her research efforts that involved examining the Earth's subsurface in the UAE by employing a modified centroid methodology based on the fractal distribution of sources and finding varying depths of the Curie isotherm—a key geological feature. This resulted in the identification of three regions with shallow depths, suggesting underlying tectonic structures. These zones, marked by high heat flow (>100 mW/m2) and pronounced geothermal gradients (>~40 ◦C/km), could serve as potential focal points for future geothermal exploration. This research is a collaboration between TII and Khalifa University.

Meanwhile, Dr. Vega will unveil the results of his investigation, titled “First-Ever Demonstration of Drone-Borne SAR Underground Tomography for Sub-surface Mapping”. His research study involved exploring the first-ever demonstration of subterranean structures using underground tomography with data obtained from a drone-borne synthetic aperture radar (SAR). The findings prove the feasibility of subsurface imaging using drone-borne systems for inspecting underground natural-made cavities, such as sinkholes, aquifers, caves, and man-made underground structures like underground pipes. In addition, the results can be integrated with those obtained from space-based SAR, enhancing the versatility and applicability of surface and subsurface imaging systems.

Both research studies underscore the UAE's commitment to advancing sustainable development through the diversification of energy resources, tapping into our rich geological resources, and thus contributing to the nation's environmental goals and reinforcing its position as a leader in sustainable development and reduced greenhouse gas emissions.

ILP 2023 provides a platform to explore and discuss the different aspects of crustal evolution through varied geoscientific approaches. The workshop, which is held annually in distinct geological regions, attracts a large number of scientists and specialists from around the world.

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