AI and Digital Science Research Center’s Dr. Lina Bariah and Prof. Mérouane Debbah Unveil New Developments in AI and Digital Twin Technology

Mar 29, 2023
Dr. Lina Bariah and Prof. Mérouane Debbah


Dr. Lina Bariah, Senior Researcher, AI and Digital Science Research Center (AIDRC) and Prof. Mérouane Debbah, Chief Researcher, AIDRC have co-authored a scientific paper titled “The Interplay of AI and Digital Twin: Bridging the Gap between Data-Driven and Model-Driven Approaches”.

Exploring the relationship between AI and Digital Twin Technology (DTT), the paper touches upon the technology’s role in conceptualizing future wireless networks that operate extensively over a digital platform. In this respect, bringing together DTT and AI will enable the unification of model-driven and data-driven approaches that inevitably accelerate progress towards 6G networks.

In addition, Dr. Bariah and Prof. Debbah’s research reveals the theory behind unlocking the multiple opportunities of AI, as well as its ground-breaking impact in enhancing the reliability and efficiency of DTT. In closing, they present an overview of a potential direction for future research and the possibility of further advancing the investigation into the interplay between AI and DTT based on previously identified limitations.

These new revelations come at a pivotal moment in our experience with Industry 4.0 as global interest in virtual worlds, utilization of DTT and AI, as well as the Metaverse are at a historic high. In line with the UAE National Strategy for AI 2031 and recent efforts to elevate the UAE’s status as a key leader in AI technology, Dr. Bariah and Prof. Debbah’s research efforts have successfully established the foundation for a truly immersive and unrivalled DTT and AI-powered Metaverse experience. The researchers envision that the development of a holistic, immersive DTT will serve as the seed from which more innovative AI architecture can continue to grow to advance the demands of future wireless networks.

Pioneering the research and development of DTT and AI is central to AIDRC’s mission. As such, our esteemed researchers are committed to promoting greater public understanding of the UAE’s AI ecosystem and its responsibility in enhancing our Metaverse journey through mindful and collaborative knowledge-sharing opportunities.

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