Artificial Intelligence Cross-Center Unit Programs

To yield new approaches for complex and real systems and provide novel systems and technologies for challenging ML. problems

To build scalable AI-based software stack and hardware systems that power the accelerated growth and demand of computers, mobiles, data centers, and networks including wireless networks, databases, industrial infrastructure, and software infrastructure.

To understand both the nature of human intelligence and the physical world through designing, implementing multi-disciplinary best practices (perception, sensing, cognitive, planning, language), and integrating these to replicate human-like intelligence.

To the world with the best AI algorithms through novel learning approaches, statistical models, computational methods, and study the fundamental limitations and strengths of AI- based algorithms.

Digital Telecom Unit Programs

To actively control mmWave and THz Wireless propagation Environment for B5G/6G Mobile Networks, via Holographic MIMO (HMIMO), programmable meta surfaces a.k.a Reconfigurable Intelligent Surfaces (RIS). Special focus onto 3D positioning & Resource allocation to achieve trade-off QoS/QoE.

To solve key challenges from Internet of Senses, and Internet of Vehicles to enable NextGen Sustainable Transportation & Freight/Delivery Systems (UAV), via immersive experience (XR, haptics), C-V2X and AI.

Develop avant-garde communication system that understands the meaning of information and the effectiveness of transferring them, 2) Set the basis of multimodal learning for B5G radio networks, 3) Push beyond the wireless edge machine learning for dynamic split and scaling AI models on wireless telecom devices with optimization of the computation resources.

Develop a virtual representation (Digital Twin) of the real world, for 6G “NextGen Sustainable Smart Mobility". Develop accurate modeling to secure high precision 6G network simulation performance assessment/optimization. Develop in-house a reconfigurable and flexible Open Air interface testing platform (RF/HW/SW) to deploy and validate advanced concepts

Digital Security Unit Programs

AI-based autonomous security system that takes complete responsibility for defending a set of software services. AI will automatically develop firewall rules to stop attack traffic, analyzing programs to find bugs before an attacker, and patching vulnerabilities in compiled programs without any access to source code. Software defenses that might take human analysts' hours, days, or weeks to develop and test will be all deployed at machine speeds, on the order of tens of seconds, with no humans in the loop.

AI-based Intrusion detection and protection system (IDS/IPS) for massive IoT Networks, covering all system layers: from the perception, network protocols and application layers. The solution will run at the edge network and application levels (Hybrid mode). Once AI autonomously detects suspicious packets and behaviors, an IoT specific intrusion protection system (IPS) will trigger automatically several actions to make systems bullet-proof against the malicious actions that compromise the availability, integrity, or confidentiality of IoTs