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Prof. Romain Couillet

Prof. Romain Couillet

LIG-lab, University Grenoble-Alps, Grenoble, France

28th June 2022, 4:00pm - 5:00pm (GST)



AI in the Face of Planetary Limits: What Can We Do?


AI is a new Eldorado, considered by some as an entry door to solutions to 'save the planet'. This talk invites to reflect on the limitations of techno-optimism to rather face the facts of the impact of AI and ICT on modern societies. This will bring us to the question of how should AI evolve for our future societies to be more resilient and in position to face the future socio-environmental challenges with much less energy available (not only fossil) than now.


Romain Couillet is a full professor at University Grenoble-Alps, France, and the holder of the UGA MIAI LargeDATA DataScience Chair at LIG-lab and GIPSA-lab. His former research topics were in random matrix theory applied to statistics, machine learning, and AI. He now dedicates his research to the question of resilience in a postindustrial society. He is an IEEE Senior Member. He is the recipient of the 2021 IEEE/SEE Glavieux Prize, of the 2013 CNRS Bronze Medal in the section "science of information and its interactions" and of the 2013 IEEE ComSoc Outstanding Young Researcher Award (EMEA Region)."