AIDRC Seminar Series - Prof. Amin Beheshti

Feb 07, 2023
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Prof. Dr. Amin Beheshti

Prof. Amin Beheshti

Director of the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macquarie University

7th Feb 2023, 11:00am – 12:00pm (GST)



Knowledge Base 4.0: Towards Intelligent Knowledge Bases in the Age of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence


Intelligence is the ability to learn from experience. Knowledge workers in knowledge-intensive processes develop invaluable domain-specific expertise and knowledge over time. Accordingly, it is vital for organizations to capture this knowledge (which is hidden in the biological Neural Network of subject-matter experts) and enable novices/inexperienced knowledge workers to benefit from that in choosing the best next steps. This talk will highlight opportunities to link weak supervision and crowdsourcing techniques to incorporate knowledge in a continual fashion based on estimating uncertainty or errors from the existing knowledge and learning models. Applications may include handling cold start and concept drift situations. I will discuss the design of an intelligent Knowledge Base (KB), namely KB 4.0, for mimicking the knowledge of domain experts in knowledge-intensive processes, and using this knowledge to facilitate auto labelling of the data to be used in learning algorithms. I will present a few motivating scenarios and argue how inexperienced knowledge workers can benefit from such intelligent KBs.


Prof. Dr. Amin Beheshti is a Full Professor of Data Science and the Director of the Centre for Applied Artificial Intelligence at Macquarie University. Amin is also the head of the Data Science Lab, and the founder of Big Data Society at the School of Computing, Macquarie University. Amin completed his Ph.D. and Postdoc in Computer Science and Engineering at UNSW Sydney and holds a Master's and Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, both with First Class Honours. In addition to his contribution to teaching activities, Amin extensively contributed to research projects; where he was the R&D Team Lead and Key Researcher in the 'Case Walls & Data Curation Foundry' and 'Big Data for Intelligence' projects. These Projects won the National Security Impact Award in 2016 and 2017. Amin has been recognized as a high-quality researcher in Big-Data/Data/Process Analytics and served as a Keynote Speaker, General-Chair, PC-Chair, Organisation-Chair, and program committee member of top international conferences. He is the leading author of several authored books in data, social, and process analytics, co-authored with other high-profile researchers. Amin secured over $21 Million in Research Grants for AI-Enabled, Data-Centric, and Intelligence-Led projects.