AIDRC Telecom Seminar Series - Prof. Roberto Verdone

Feb 07, 2023
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Prof. Roberto Verdone

Prof. Roberto Verdone

University of Bologna, Italy

7th February 2023, 4:00pm - 5:00pm GST



6G for Factory Networks


While industrial automation is considered one of the most relevant verticals for 5G, it is clear that some of the requirements of typical factory networks cannot be met by 5G. So, Industrial automation is going to become a very important application area for 6G as well. This talk will analyze what can be done with 5G, and what will require a new generation of wireless networks using higher frequency bands (sub-THz), more flexible topologies, AI-based protocols and network architectures.


Since 2001 Roberto Verdone is Full Professor in Telecommunications at the University of Bologna. In 2001 he founded a research group (Radio Networks) working on i) Radio Resource Management for mobile systems, ii) MAC, routing and topology of wireless sensor networks, iii) architectures and technologies for the IoT. In particular, he is currently active in the field of the Industrial IoT, 5G and B5G systems using THz communications, and UAV-aided mobile radio networks. Since 2020 he is Director of the CNIT National Laboratory of Wireless Communications, WiLab, participated by about 90 researchers. Since 2021 he is also co-Director of the WiLab-Huawei Joint Innovation Center on “Intelligent IoT for 6G”. He published about 200 research papers, on IEEE journals / conferences.