Dr. Lisandra Meneses

Dr. Lisandra Meneses

Senior Researcher

Dr. Lisandra Meneses is a Senior Researcher at the Renewable and Sustainable Energy Research Center at the Technology Innovation Institute (TII), a cutting-edge UAE-based scientific research center. She focuses on carrying out research projects in the domains of Bioenergy and Fuel Cells, namely the integration of upstream, midstream, and downstream processes for bioenergy production, and for the development of value-added and commercial products.

Dr. Lisandra Meneses brings to her role more than seven years of experience in international scientific positions across Sweden, Australia, Estonia, and Ireland. Her research areas include bioresource recovery, value-added products, zero-waste circular economy process integration, biorefinery, and biofuels.

Prior to joining TII, Dr. Meneses worked as a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Alberta in Canada and at the University of Sharjah in the UAE. One of the significant projects she worked on at the University of Sharjah was titled “Potential of Municipal Solid Waste for Biomethane Production by Means of Integrated Anaerobic Digestion and Biomass Gasification: A Hybrid Solution for Maximum Energy Production”.

She has participated in multiple international courses, trainings, and conferences and was involved also in hosting several major scientific conferences and workshops.

An Elsevier article authored by Dr. Meneses was linked to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, which is helping tackle some of the world’s greatest challenges. She is also a recipient of the prestigious L'Oréal Baltic "Women in Science" 2020 award for Young Talent for Estonia.

Dr. Lisandra Meneses received her PhD from the Estonian University of Life Sciences in the field of Engineering Sciences. She holds a Master of Science in Management and Nature Conservation as well as a Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy, both from the University of Azores in Portugal.