Research Centers

We invest significantly in the development of our exceptional research facilities and centers. We access substantial funding in order to ensure that our team has the best advanced technology work environment.

Quantum Research Center

Major advancements in quantum theory and practice have created new opportunities in areas as diverse as information security, finance and process optimisation. We are developing new-generation technologies in areas such as quantum computation, communication and sensors.

Autonomous Robotics Research Center

Unmanned vehicles in space, in the air, on land, on sea, and underwater offer exciting opportunities to dramatically improve safety, environmental protection and operational effectiveness – at lower cost – in both industrial and mission-critical settings.

Cryptography Research Center

In our connected digital world, secure and reliable cryptography is the foundation of digital information security and data integrity.

Advanced Materials Research Center

From transportation to sustainability and renewable energy, new materials could enable major breakthroughs in performance and capability.

Digital Security Research Center

To take advantage of the full benefits of tomorrow’s technologies and systems, it is essential to secure our digital and network-connected world. To make this happen, pioneering new approaches to digital security need urgent development.

Directed Energy Research Center

Directed-energy systems, such as microwave, laser and acoustics represent a powerful emerging technology with new industrial and medical applications. High-power systems also are key technologies in the defence of people, assets and forces.

Secure Systems Research Center

Billions of physical and digital internet-connected things are now essential to maintaining how we live, work and play. They also are central to maintaining the safety and security of our communities. As the number and variety of platforms and connectivity increases, so too does the level of security vulnerability and threat.